Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bentham E-Publishing

The researchers’ intellectual work is now accessible to a million of people online in a digital format. The new phenomenon of E-Publishing has developed as a popular and productive alternative to costly publishing. An eBook is a digital book which is easy to access and is online from where you can download it and read it wherever you want.
Bentham Science, a renowned publishing company has a wide ranging eBook library in numerous distinctive fields like, medicine, social sciences, technology, natural science and humanities. The electronic publishing has made the reading gratifying and convenient for the people who read. The E-Publishing gives people many choices and the comfort of downloading the eBooks whilst sitting at home. Bentham Science eBooks cover a variety of major disciplines that includes; information technology, social sciences and natural sciences. . For any further information, you can visit the website:
Bentham Science publishers follow stringent editorial policies in publishing the eBooks. They make sure that the quality of the manuscript is plagiarism free and are ethically approved. The scholarly work is laid open to an extensive peer review process by the skilled Editorial Board members and other external referees. The readers can now enjoy reading Bentham eBooks in both printed and online forms.


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