Friday, 25 October 2013


cesses of micro organisms have been used for more than 6000 years to make useful food products like cheese, bread and for the preservation of dairy products.Inside the publishing industry, the name of Bentham Science is highly established. Bentham Science is a major STM journal publisher of 116 online and print journals. They have more than 150 open access journals and related e-book series. All the information requirements of the scientists are fulfilled by them within the fields of biomedical, medical, pharmaceutical, technology, engineering, computer and social sciences.
Bentham Science publication comprises of various reputable titles like Current Gene Therapy, Current Pharmaceutical Design, Current Medicinal Chemistry, Current Drug Metabolism and many more.
They have two major categories of their publishing. One of them is subscription based which comprises of many high impact titles. The other one is open access which publishes well-known titles like The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal and The Open Dentistry Journal. Mostly all of their journals are indexed in internationally recognized indexing agencies such as EMBASE, Scopus, Pub Med and Medline etc.
The authors who have taken an active part inside their journals are pretty much satisfied with the process of their publication as well as peer review procedure. The reviews from the authors can be checked online at:


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