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Jack the Ripper is counted amongst the most notorious criminals of the era. He had created havoc in the East London, where people used to fear with his name. He was a faceless outlaw, who led the London Police on their toes. Still to date, the officials are working on the criminal’s face and identity. His murders were spine-chilling.
He had the city of London verging on the edge of their seats because he murdered at least five prostitutes from August 7th to September 10th of 1888. The prostitutes were murdered within a mile of each other, their bodies were mutilated. The police had no clue of the criminal, but the confession letters which had been sent to the London Metropolitan Police Service (Scotland Yard) provided detailed explanation of the committed murders. The letters also disclosed the names of those people which he was planning for the future murder. Hundreds of men had been arrested as suspects, but were allowed to go because of lack of evidences.
The murders were very sadistic, giving the impression of an ill-minded person. The forensic department worked on the letters which they received, but, most of the letters were believed to be sent by those people who wanted to harass the Police department.
The case of Jack the Ripper is still under investigation by the Scotland Yard. Even after 125 years, the case is as faceless as Jack the Ripper himself.
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