Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bentham Journals

“The Open Forensic Science Journal” is an exclusive journal from the shelves of Bentham Science Publishers. The journal confers the most recent study in the field and is a key contributor of unique research reviews, articles, reviews, guest edited single topic issues and short articles in all areas of forensic science.
Bentham Open publishes over 230 plus peer-reviewed open access journals. These open journals are free to view online and includes the major disciplines of technology, social sciences, science and medicine.
Forensic Science- which is often called as Forensics is an organized scientific approach related to the evaluation and collection of evidence. The Forensic Science is a multi-disciplinary field, mainly drawing from biology and chemistry, also psychology, geology, physics, social sciences, etc. 
This is often significant in law compliance where forensic is carried out referring to criminal or civil law. Alternatively, forensic techniques are also carried out in a number of other disciplines like geology, astronomy, archeology and biology.

Forensic Science is focused on the unbiased scientific proofs and evidences used for the exact purpose of law enforcement. These scientific evidences are used by the courts; for instance, in an investigation or criminal trial. 


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